If you live in the Edmonton area, Alberta, or most of Canada, a well-running furnace is essential during the winter months. The average temperatures of Alberta winters fall between -5C and -15C. However, we can experience -40C extremes over shorter periods. No matter how mild the winter is, you want your furnace to run smoothly at all times.

New furnaces have higher efficiency ratings than older models, which will help heat your home faster, with a more even temperature. An updated, efficient furnace will also save you money by decreasing the heating costs. But many clients come to us asking, “when is the best time to replace my furnace?” The answer is that there are a few considerations to keep in mind – here are a few items we tell our HVAC clients to think about.


When to Replace an Old Furnace


Know Its Lifespan

Do you know how old your furnace is? A typical furnace lasts around twenty years, but newer furnaces may last longer. If you’re not sure how old your heating system is, watch for signs that it’s at the end of its life, such as more frequent repairs and increased heating bills. Look for the model number and look it up to find the year it was manufactured (but keep in mind it may not be the same year it was installed.)


Plan Ahead

No one wants to wake up in the morning to find their furnace has quit and the house is nearly freezing. You can prevent an emergency situation by planning ahead. When you know your furnace is approaching the twenty-year mark, you can start to think about how to finance the investment and put away some money each year or month. Planning ahead also gives you the ability to replace your furnace in the off-season, which comes with deep discounts, as you’ll see below.

You can also plan ahead by visiting or calling your local HVAC contractor to ask about which heating system is best for your home. Will you also need to replace your cooling system? Should you switch from a dual system to a packaged system? Or should you consider investing in a geothermal system? Planning these details all at once will save you both time and money, especially if you watch for sales.


Watch for Off-Season Discounts

In Canada, we are lucky to enjoy four distinct seasons. The transition between each season offers us unique perks such as seasonal activities, trendy seasonal coffee flavours, and end-of-season sales on merchandise and service packages. In the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) world, spring and fall are considered the off-seasons. Seasonal discounts for air conditioners are typically offered at the end of summer as the demand for air cooling systems drops, while discounts on heating systems are usually available in the spring, as temperatures start rising and the demand for servicing and installing furnaces decreases.

If you’re planning ahead to replace your furnace and not in an emergency situation, then waiting for spring is the best option. Not only will you find the best prices on heating systems, but you might also receive a discount on the installation.


Flexible Scheduling

During the off-season, your local HVAC contractor will also have more flexibility for scheduling installations and more time to answer your furnace questions. You might want their expert opinion on what size of furnace is best suited for your home and what maintenance tips you should know so you can care for your furnace. Your HVAC contractor can also let you know which accessories for your system you’ll need or want.


Your Edmonton-Area HVAC Specialists

If you live in the Edmonton area and you’re not sure about the age or condition of your furnace, contact Max Heating & Air Conditioning. We’ll inspect your heating system and let you know your options. If an aging system receives regular maintenance, it could last for several more years, but if your system is close to giving out, we’ll let you know and offer advice. Whatever your heating or cooling needs are, Max Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help!