Preparing Your HVAC System For a Snowstorm

As winter storms blow in, keeping your HVAC system maintained is more important than ever. Plenty of furnaces break down in the face of cold temperatures and blowing snow, so it’s not always possible to get an HVAC technician out right away when this happens. That’s why a little maintenance goes a long way during the chilly season. 

Preparing for a snowstorm in advance can help you rest easier at night knowing you won’t wake up to a freezing cold house. Follow these tips and tricks to keep your home comfortable and warm, even when there’s a blizzard raging.

How to Maintain Your HVAC System in the Winter

Remember that working on any major appliance in your home can be dangerous. Be sure to switch your furnace off before doing any maintenance, or call your local HVAC expert in Edmonton for an inspection and maintenance service checkup.

Check Your Return Vents for Blockages

It might seem too simple, but in a lot of cases, blocked return vents are the reason for a cold home or a furnace that’s working too hard. Over the warm summer months, furniture and other items often get moved over vents, so check each room to be sure before you call a heating and plumbing expert.

Make Sure Your Exhaust Pipes Are Insulated

One of the main reasons furnaces stop running in freezing temperatures is literally due to freezing. Your furnace’s exhaust pipes can freeze up easily if they aren’t properly insulated. 

Change Your Furnace Filter

Blocked fans can be a major issue for furnaces; a dirty furnace filter is almost always the culprit. Before a snowstorm rolls in, be sure to check and change your furnace filter. After that, schedule a reminder so you can change it out every three months to keep your fan working.

Check Your Entire Home’s Insulation

Help your furnace with the burden of snowstorms and major temperature drops by checking your home for where cold might be seeping in. Typical issues come from badly insulated attics and walls, and from old windows and doors. Check and replace your insulation and weather-stripping to save your furnace some work (and save money on utilities). 

Get Duct Cleaning 

Blockages in your furnace and duct system can not only lead to poor indoor air quality, but they can also have unfortunate consequences for your furnace’s health. If you find yourself changing air filters more regularly, or if you have pets or family members with allergies, you should have furnace and duct cleaning performed more often. 

Consider Installing a Generator 

It never hurts to have electricity on demand for your home. In serious winter storms, it can take hours or days to get electricity running to your home and furnace after it goes out. Keep your family safe with a backup that can run your furnace and heat your home.

Skip the Work & Book Your Affordable Winter Maintenance Check

Many homeowners choose to take advantage of regular furnace and air conditioning maintenance from professional HVAC companies. Annual inspections and maintenance checks are cost-effective ways to extend the life of your furnace. They also give you the opportunity to make any furnace repairs that are necessary before you have to make an emergency call. 

An annual furnace and HVAC inspection from Max Heating & Air Conditioning covers all inspection, cleaning, testing, lubrication, and adjustments for your furnace and air conditioner. It’s important to get these major home appliances ready for the brutal Edmonton winter so they last longer and keep you more comfortable. 

In need of a quick fix? We also have 24/7 emergency HVAC service in Edmonton and the surrounding areas (including Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Leduc, and Beaumont).