Although it wasn’t the coldest winter we’ve had in the last few years, there were a few stretches of extreme cold. During these times and throughout the chillier months, your furnace has been chugging along to keep your house warm. You haven’t thought a lot about it though; after all, it’s just there and working. It isn’t usually until something goes wrong with a furnace that people begin to think about how it’s all working.

Unfortunately, furnace problems can accumulate over the years (sometimes literally accumulating on the inside of your system, as can happen with dust and debris). We recommend a quick maintenance check by your Edmonton HVAC professionals every spring to ensure your furnace is ready to rest until next winter, and then ready to get back at it successfully when the snow flies.

Keeping Your Furnace Maintained Regularly

Post-winter furnace maintenance could be the key to extending your furnace’s lifespan and keeping your family warm next winter. However, regular maintenance at any time of the year can offer a great return on investment. It’s necessary for preventing a buildup of issues, keeping the furnace clean, and increasing its lifespan.

So, how regular is “regular?”

Well, it’s hard to say without knowing who is asking. All furnaces and HVAC systems are not made equal. There are plenty of factors that can lead to a greater need for maintenance, including:

  • The size, year, and model of your furnace,
  • The size of your home,
  • Whether you have pets,
  • Whether you have had problems in the past,
  • How often you change the filter (remember, replacing your air filter is one of the simplest and most essential maintenance tasks, and it’s one you can do on your own!)

Many clients like to have a professional HVAC inspection and maintenance appointment once a year to make sure everything is running smoothly and fully optimize the system. Or, you can ask your HVAC team about what schedule would be best in your home.

Why Schedule Post-Winter Furnace Maintenance?

Clean Out Your Furnace and Ducts

Over the winter season, your furnace has collected plenty of dust and other debris like pet dander. Spring also brings out more debris and allergens than any other season. A buildup of dust and debris over the wintertime will only further extend the health effects of those allergens. If you wait too long between each cleaning of your furnace, you’ll start to feel the health effects, like cold symptoms and trouble breathing – especially if you have allergies or asthma. That’s why it’s a good idea to have your furnace and ducts cleaned out in preparation for the spring season as part of routine maintenance.

Address Potential Furnace Problems

Whether you have noticed some oddities in your HVAC system or there aren’t any signs of issues, it’s always worthwhile to have a maintenance check-up. Allowing problems in your furnace to go unchecked can lead to far more serious issues in the future. Repair calls are often pricier than people think, and a furnace that goes down in a cold snap can leave you very uncomfortable until it can be fixed. All of this can often be avoided with some simple maintenance beforehand.

Optimize Your System

There’s keeping your system in good working order and then there’s making sure it is functioning at the highest possible level. When you have an HVAC professional from Max Heating & Air Conditioning visit your home or building for furnace maintenance, you are guaranteed to get both. Our team will talk to you about next steps we can take, what you can do to keep things running smoothly, and any issues to keep an eye on. It’s just one more reason to trust all of your Edmonton furnace needs to Max Heating & Air Conditioning. Call us to learn more and get your free quote.