Installing a Smart Thermostat for Your Furnace & A/C

 Smart home systems are becoming more and more common. Technology can do amazing things to help us feel more comfortable, save money on utilities, improve indoor air quality, and take care of our houses even when we aren’t there. 

Smart thermostats are really starting to take off for all these reasons. At Max Heating & Air Conditioning, we love being able to give clients more power over their systems with thermostats that used advanced technology. We can provide a new thermostat with a furnace install, or even during your next routine HVAC service appointment. 

What is a Smart Thermostat?

Smart thermostats are typically connected to a smartphone or device. When you set up your thermostat, your phone will pair with the device. You’ll also have access to an app that allows you to interface with your thermostat and make changes to controls (as long as you have Wi-Fi).

A few popular brands include the Honeywell Lyric T5, the Ecobee3 Lite, the Nest Learning Thermostat, and the new Apple Homekit. You can also get devices that will pair with automation systems for your home, such as Google Home. We’ll help you make a decision about the thermostat that suits your lifestyle (and phone) and make some additional recommendations based on the many thermostats we have experience with.

How Does a Smart Thermostat Work?

 Smart thermostats are also known as Wi-Fi thermostats because they connect your thermostat to your phone using Wi-Fi. Pairing your phone enables the thermostat to do two things: 

  1.   Learn your schedule. Your thermostat can tell when you’re home and when you’re away at work depending on whether your phone is connected.
  2.   Be controlled remotely. An app connects your phone to your thermostat from wherever you are. That means you can change the temperature 

Top 5 Benefits of a Smart Thermostat:

  1.   Save money on your monthly utilities

Smart thermostats give you better control over when your air conditioner and furnace run and the temperature settings throughout the day. That means major savings on heating and cooling your home. 

  1.   Control your home while you’re away 

Smart thermostats are great for travellers. They’re also perfect in cabins, rentals, and vacation homes. As a bonus, you can heat or cool your house to the perfect temperature before you arrive. 

  1.   Let your thermostat learn your schedule

You probably have scheduling features on your programmable thermostat, but what if you didn’t need to waste time programming it at all? A smart thermostat can automatically switch to an eco-mode when it reads that your phone is away from the house, saving you extra money while you’re at work.

  1.   Know the temperature everywhere in your home

Some smart thermostats only measure the temperature in one room of your home; where the thermostat is located. However, new smart thermostats are coming with more sensors so you can read the temperature in various rooms of your house.

  1. Control your thermostat with your voice. 

Many new systems come with smart speakers and voice assistants so you don’t need to play around with dials or schedules. In fact, you don’t even have to get up! Just tell your thermostat to change the temperature and sit back and relax in your perfectly heated or cooled home. 

Why Should You Have a Professional HVAC Company Install Your Smart Thermostat? 

Not all Smart Thermostats will work on all HVAC systems. Depending on how your HVAC is set up and what you want it to do, setting up the correct smart thermostat might require some professional help. Ask an expert in HVAC systems to help you set up your thermostat so you aren’t wasting money on an inefficient system for your home.

What’s Even Smarter than a Smart Thermostat? 

You can double your utility savings and comfort by creating separate heating zones in your house. Keep different rooms and areas of your house at different temperatures when they’re not being used. At Max Heating & Air Conditioning, we’re experts in temperature zoning for residential houses. Call us to learn how you can easily create a complete system of HVAC equipment designed just for you and your family.