It’s been a hot summer and your air conditioning unit has probably worked hard for several months to keep you and your family cool and comfortable. With colder months approaching soon, it’s time to start thinking about preparing your AC unit for fall. Before you turn it off and put the cover on, there are a few essential steps to follow to ensure your air conditioning is protected through the winter.


Basic Fall Maintenance

When you’re ready to put your central air conditioning system to sleep, the first step is to shut off the power. When the days start to cool off and the nights are no longer unbearable, most people stop using their air conditioning. The first thing you’ll want to do is turn off the power before doing any further maintenance or servicing.

Next, you’ll want to clean or replace the filter, depending on the type of unit you have. Any debris that has collected on the filter will start to smell if it’s not cleaned at the end of the season. And, if you take the time to clean it at the end of summer, you’ll have a head start for the following summer when the temperatures begin to rise again.


Clean Your Air Conditioning Unit

Once you’ve turned off the power and changed the filter, the following step is to clear away any debris that has collected around your air conditioning unit. If the hot weather continues into September, you might have to clear away fallen leaves. However, if the cold weather arrives early, there might be very little to do.

After the air conditioning unit is clear of debris, the condenser coils will need to be cleaned as well. The condenser coils tend to collect dust and ditr, causing them to absorb less heat, making your air conditioning less efficient. How dirty your air conditioning unit gets and how dirty the coils are will depend on where you live. While you’re cleaning, you might also want to check for any damaged or bent fins that protect the coils. You can quickly straighten them out with an air conditioning fin comb, found in most hardware stores.


Protect Your Air Conditioning Unit from Off-Season Damage

With our cold Alberta winters, we highly recommended that you insulate the pipes that run from your air conditioning unit to your home to prevent them from freezing. If the lines already have insulation coverings, you can assess them for damage: tears, cracks, or missing pieces.

If you’d like to protect your air conditioning unit from the weather, you can use a well-fitted AC cover. You can also insulate the pipes to prevent freezing and damage during the winter months. Each pipe has a separate function, so it’s essential to protect each of them separately and not together.


Do It Yourself or Hire Professionals

When seasons transition from one to the next, Canadians know there are specific tasks to do to prepare for the change of temperature and weather. As summer winds down, you can add air conditioning servicing to your list of fall and winter preparations. However, if you’re limited on time or would prefer someone else to service your AC unit, then you can always hire HVAC professionals to service and repair your air conditioning.


Air Conditioning Preparation in Edmonton, Alberta

When the leaves start to fall and you make plans to prepare your yard and home for winter, you can rely on Max Heating & Air Conditioning to help you out. We’re your expert HVAC company in Edmonton, and AC servicing is our specialty. If you need to get your air conditioning unit ready for fall, get in touch with us today; we’ll be happy to help.