It happens to plenty of homeowners as spring turns to summer or fall turns to winter: your furnace or air conditioner comes on for the first time in months and you’re hit with a strange smell throughout your home.

If this happens, you might immediately be worried about the condition of your HVAC system. However, in most cases, dirty ducts are to blame. 

HVAC companies in Edmonton can help you with almost any issues that arise in your HVAC system, but when it comes to ducts, another type of professional is needed. Duct cleaners use high-powered vacuum trucks and other tools to thoroughly clean out your duct system. 

It extends the lifespan of your furnace and air conditioner 

Like any system in your home, your HVAC system lasts longer when you keep it clean. Dirt, dust, and debris circulating through your system can build up in your furnace or air conditioner and cause major issues. Although filters can catch some of it, there’s always some particles that slip through. 

Regular duct cleaning helps ensure your systems last longer, saving you from replacements. You’ll also get furnace cleaning when you book a furnace maintenance appointment with Max Heating & Air Conditioning, so be sure to keep on top of your regular furnace maintenance.

It reduces maintenance and repair bills

If you find yourself calling Edmonton HVAC experts to your home regularly for furnace and air conditioner issues, your technician may recommend a duct cleaning for the same reasons listed above. While we’re always happy to help when there’s an issue in your heating or cooling, we also like to help you save money by offering other effective solutions.

It means healthier air for your family 

The smell coming from your vents might be musty, dirty, or damp, or could even smell slightly like smoke. Whatever it is making your nose wrinkled up, it’s important to take care of it right away.

Your family’s health is the top priority when it comes to heating and cooling your home. Your furnace filter is effective at catching most of the dust and allergens that pass through your ducts, but over time, the buildup can impact your indoor air quality. Having your ducts cleaned every couple of years can significantly improve the air you’re breathing.

Our HVAC technicians can also install air quality control systems and advanced filters for your home, which are especially beneficial if you have children, elderly people, or people with respiratory problems in your household.

It reduces the chance of mold 

If there’s a damp or musty smell in your home every time your HVAC system turns on, chances are good that you have mold growing in your air ducts. Condensation in air ducts can cause mold to grow and thrive, and even to spread to other areas of your home. 

Mold can be very dangerous to your family’s health, so it’s important that it’s completely removed. The only way to effectively remove all traces of mold from your ducts is to book a professional duct cleaning company. 

It makes your HVAC system more efficient and effective

Who doesn’t want to save a little money on their monthly utilities? A well-maintained system always works more efficiently. This includes regular furnace and air conditioner maintenance from a qualified HVAC expert, as well as duct cleaning services to flush out the entire system. 

Schedule Furnace Maintenance in Edmonton 

If you need a referral for a duct cleaning company in Edmonton or you’d like to have your HVAC system checked out by a professional, call our experienced technicians today. Don’t forget to book a regular maintenance appointment so you can avoid costly repairs and replacements.