Are You Maintaining Your Furnace? Here are 3 Ways You’re Actually Hurting Your Furnace

In a climate that’s cold half the year, you need to know that your furnace is running properly. You also want to avoid a costly replacement for as long as possible. However, many of us are unintentionally doing things that harm our furnace system. Here are 3 ways you’re actually hurting your furnace, and how you can avoid these in the future:

1) Using Dirty Furnace Filters

You’re probably well aware that you need to be changing your furnace filter fairly often. Still, most people aren’t changing their air filters often enough. If you’re someone who avoids changing your air filter you could be causing excessive damage to your entire HVAC system, including both your furnace and air conditioner. Not changing your air filter forces your furnace to work harder, lowers your indoor air quality, and affects other parts of your furnace.

If you’re someone who avoids changing your furnace filter, you could find yourself with a costly repair. For example, a dirty filter can clog your blower wheel. The blower motor plays an integral part in keeping your furnace running and is expensive to replace. Thankfully, there’s an easy solution. You can help keep your furnace running normally by simply replacing your filter at least every three months.

2) Ignoring Furnace Maintenance and Repair

Every furnace is going to face issues over its lifetime. The pilot light might go out, or you’ll find it’s struggling to heat your home. Whatever the issue may be, you can save yourself a lot of time, stress, and money by completing regular maintenance and repair.

If you ignore necessary furnace repairs, you force your furnace to work harder than normal. This can cause additional strain on the heating system and cost you more on your monthly bills. Plus, you may end up causing more expensive and lasting damage. Save yourself the money and stress; have your furnace regularly inspected and maintained and make sure you have all repairs done as soon as possible.

3) Running the Furnace Constantly

Your HVAC system works hard heating and cooling your home. When it’s constantly running, not only does it cost you more money, but you’re also putting a lot of additional strain on the system. By keeping your furnace constantly running you can overwork it and have it die much sooner than it should.

To help with this, you can simply give your furnace a break. One way to do this is turning down the heat when you’re at work or at night when you’re asleep. This might be hard to do in our cold winters, but by letting your furnace rest a bit, you can help extend its life while also saving a little extra.

Your home comfort relies on your furnace operating at its best. Fortunately, most furnace breakdowns are completely avoidable! At Max Heating, we want to make sure your HVAC system always works for you. Are you ready for a no obligation quote from our expert heating and air conditioning inspectors? Request your quote now.

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