3 HVAC Updates to Improve Air Quality & Energy Efficiency

With fall settling in and winter well on the way, we’ve had an influx of calls about furnaces in the past few weeks as the HVAC industry heads into peak season. 

When your furnace switches on, you may be wondering about the strange noises it’s making, the smells coming from your vents, or the lengthy amount of time it seems to be running. If that’s the case, there could be three updates you need to make to get your furnace winter-ready.  

3 Reasons to Make Furnace & A/C Updates

We have three goals when it comes to helping our clients. After our HVAC professionals visit your home, we want you to: 

  • Breathe easier and feel healthier with air that is clean and fresh
  • Experience complete home comfort in every room of your house, summer or winter
  • Save money on energy bills, furnace or water heater repairs, and costly HVAC replacements

There are three main approaches we use to reach these goals and keep your HVAC system affordable and running smoothly: 

3 Updates Your HVAC System Could Need

Complete annual furnace & A/C maintenance

Many homeowners don’t check on their furnaces until there’s a problem. While you don’t need to spend every day thinking about furnace maintenance, it’s important to give your furnace and air conditioning a once-over each year. Our scheduled maintenance services take that task off your hands around spring and fall each year. During a maintenance call, we’ll inspect for: 

  • Broken, damaged, or missing parts
  • Areas that need to be cleaned
  • Filters that need to be changed
  • The overall lifespan of your HVAC units

We provide full-service cleaning and maintenance, assessing your HVAC system as we go. Once we’re done, we’ll let you know what else needs to be done to ensure your system is working properly for the upcoming heating or cooling season.

Have your ducts cleaned regularly 

Whenever your HVAC system heats or cools your home, it draws in dust, dirt, and other particles. Over time, this grime builds up in your home’s ductwork and can cause several issues, including health problems like allergy flare-ups, sickness, and breathing issues, as well as increased energy costs due to inefficiencies. 

Scheduling a regular duct cleaning in your home can help prevent build-ups of dust, dirt, and grime and keep your furnace and A/C blowing fresh air through every room of your home. 

Replace your old furnace or air conditioner

A new HVAC unit is a major investment. Ideally, you’ll replace your HVAC units before they break, leaving you without A/C or heat in your home. 

Although we never recommend replacing a furnace or air conditioner unless it’s necessary, we can let you know when its lifespan is coming to an end so you can prepare for that investment and begin making decisions about what type of unit you’d like to have installed. 

Furnaces have come a long way in the last twenty years. What was previously considered a “high-efficiency” gas furnace is now likely costing you a lot of extra money on your monthly utility bills. Investing in a new, more efficient unit will save you cash (and headaches!) in the long run. 

About to Update Your Furnace? Get a Scratch-and-Dent Furnace in Perfect Condition and Save Your Dollars!!

Are you interested in energy savings and added comfort for your family this winter? Get in touch with our Edmonton HVAC experts to ask us about our affordable “scratch-and-dent” furnaces, heat pumps and more!