If you think winter in the Edmonton area is hard on us, imagine how hard it is on your furnace! It’s necessary to have a furnace in good working order so you can keep warm all year round. But as your furnace ages, it starts to need a little extra love.

Of course, there are a ton of great ways to give your furnace a bonus few years on it’s lifespan, saving you a lot of money. As partners in improving your furnace’s lifespan, here are some ways you can maintain your furnace on your own, and with our help:

Have your furnace chosen and installed by a qualified professional.

Using a professional HVAC specialist will help ensure that your furnace is installed correctly. This eliminates potential issues that could cause your furnace to work harder from the beginning. They can also help you choose the furnace that’s right for your home’s needs, which means less money spent on utilities each month. Max Heating & Air Conditioning can even provide you with an easy in-home estimate for your furnace replacement.

Replace your air filter.

Even the most high efficiency furnace will be hindered by a dirty filter. Over time, your furnace filter becomes clogged with particulates from the air. This causes your furnace to work harder than normal to push air through. Simply replacing your filter removes this strain. Always have a backup filter on hand and schedule the replacement. Or, better yet, book a regular maintenance schedule with your HVAC technician and you won’t have to think about it at all!

Clean your ducts.

Just as your air filter can become clogged over time, so can your ducts. Dirt and debris from the air can stick to the walls of your air ducts, creating a smaller passage for your furnace or air conditioner to pump air through. It is recommended that you clean your ducts every 3-5 years at minimum for the best efficiency.

Make sure your ducts are sealed.

Leaks in your air ducts can keep your furnace running for longer as heated air escapes through the leaks. This makes your furnace work harder and run for longer to heat your home, and costs you a lot of money. Duct repairs can be completed easily. Call us to learn how.

Improve efficiency.

Now that we know that working harder causes our furnace to tire out sooner, it’s important to consider ways to keep your furnace running more efficiently. A furnace running at high efficiency keeps additional strains from damaging the system.

Keep a clean space around the furnace.

Having clutter around your furnace risks damaging the exterior of the unit. Keeping this area clear allows your furnace to obtain air properly, keeps serious problems from occurring, and allows your furnace to operate efficiently.

Make sure your home is energy-efficient.

Something as small as wind stripping around your doors can help your furnace live a long and happy life. Blocking air leaks can help stop warm air from escaping your home so your furnace, and your wallet, so you can breathe easy.

Replace and adjust your thermostat.

Newer, more efficient thermostats can be programmed to change the temperature at different points during the day. This way, your furnace doesn’t have to be working all day. Instead, it can start running an hour before you come home. Imagine the savings if your furnace or air conditioner weren’t constantly running… That’s a big payout!

Repair when needed.

Sometimes maintaining your furnace means calling an expert to fix any issues as soon as they arise. Some people will avoid calling an expert for minor troubles, but this can put additional strain on other parts of your furnace system. Rather than waiting, call an HVAC repair service immediately to extend the life of your furnace. Remember this is also true of your home’s water heater and cooling systems.

  1. Schedule regular maintenance.

Whether it’s for your hot water tank, air conditioning, or furnace, the best way to keep these essential parts of your home or business running is through regular inspections and tune-ups. Regular furnace maintenance is essential in extending the life of your furnace. Most manufacturers recommend having your furnace inspected once a year to ensure it’s working properly. The best time of year to schedule your inspection is in the fall, right before you turn your furnace on for the coming months. Book an inspection in September or October for the best results.

No matter how well you look after your system, furnace replacement in Edmonton is an unavoidable and costly repair. But by following these ten tips and maintaining your furnace, you can extend the life of your furnace and improve your home comfort for years to come.

Have a problem with your furnace? Let’s talk about the options! We want to give you a better customer service experience with your next furnace repair.